HRP stands for Harmonic Resonance Process TM. It’s a unique self-actualization program that uses specially composed piano music in combination with creative visualization and mindful inquiry to open up a powerful connection between your mind and body. Evolving through three stages of development – Heal, Create, ActualizeHRP TM provides an effective means to gain a deeper understanding of your life’s path, take action to accomplish long-term goals and enjoy overall enhanced wellbeing.

How often in life we are told to “follow our heart” or “trust our gut feeling” – yet frequently doubts, fears and the opinions of others prevent us from hearing the clear voice inside that knows what we want, what is uniquely good for us. Recent neuro-scientific studies increasingly affirm what mind-body professionals and alternative healers have long asserted: the body knows precisely what we need, often faster than the mind. The key to fulfilling our dreams and goals lies in tapping into and trusting our innate body wisdom.

In HRP TM, the mind-body connection is opened through a harmonic – or vibrational – resonance. This can create a sensation of being physically transported in time and space while still remaining mentally present, allowing fresh insights, as well as shifts in attitude, perceptions or feelings.  As you embark on your journey with HRP TM, you may experience deep relaxation, more balance in your daily life, increased creativity, clarity in decision making, freedom from stress and doubt, new understanding in relationships, even a calling to do something different.