Speaking Engagements
Discover a refreshingly different way to motivate, empower, and relax your audience. Dr. Celia Im’s programs make a lasting difference for businesses, non-profits and political organizations alike.

Give your program participants an experience that will stir their soul. The music is custom crafted to your audience, which, when combined with Dr. Celia Im’s inspiring speeches, provides a fresh and awe-inspiring addition to your program.

Breakout sessions
Participants analyze their reaction to the music and answer questions for practical application in their personal and professional lives. Suggested areas of focus: Wellness, Creativity and Leadership.

Discover a new and different way to unite your group around a common goal. Using music as a catalyst for change, Dr. Im’s half and full day seminars are ideal for business, non-profit, academic and political organizations.

We create seminars tailored to meet your needs.

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